Kingkiller Exclusive Box
Kingkiller Exclusive Box

Kingkiller Exclusive Box

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NOTE: This listing does NOT include The Eolian beer can glass.


This box is packed with goodies inspired by The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. 

A R T I S T 

Ash from @daffodilsandink

C A N D L E  1

Edema Ruh

- Inspired by the traveling troupes of entertainers that are Kvothe's family.

- Scents are mulled wine, campfire, and woods.

- This candle is warm, homey, and cozy, with some hints of nature in the scent as well. It smells like a night around the campfire, with songs and stories performed by the best entertainers in Temerant!

C A N D L E  2

The Archives

- Inspired by the glorious labyrinthine library of the University.

- Scents are parchment, leather, and sympathy lamps.

- This candle smells ancient, with some brightness to it as well. It will call to mind a library packed with untold numbers of ancient tomes!

E X T R A  I T E M S

There will be three extra items in this box. One will be made in-house at Tookish!


Boxes will be on their way by December 20th. International boxes will be shipped first. These boxes take lots of love and care and time to put together, so be patient with us as we hustle our way through the next few weeks! 

C A N D L E  C A R E  &  S A F E T Y

Make sure to keep your wick trimmed to 1/4".

Burn until there is an even melt pool.

Burn candle within sight and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Place candle on a heat resistant surface.

Our candles are handmade in small batches and may have minor cosmetic imperfections. This won't affect the scent or burning of your candle. To prevent tunneling, make sure to leave your candle lit until there is an even burn pool all the way around. Frosting is a natural occurrence in soy wax. It will not affect the burning of the candle.